Coffee consumption outside the home up again

350 years of coffee enjoyment in Germany's gastronomy

23-Aug-2023 - Germany
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coffee is a cult - and a cultural asset. It has been 350 years since the first coffee house on German soil opened its doors: the coffee house at the "Schütting" in Bremen. On August 23, 2023, this event will be celebrated - with it, the coffee (house) culture in Germany took its beginning. Germans love their coffee, and again, they love it outside their own four walls. The German Coffee Association has the latest figures.

The second quarter of 2023 showed: drinking coffee away from home is the order of the day. "From April to June, German citizens again drank significantly more coffee in cafés and the like than in the first three months of this year," says Holger Preibisch, CEO of the German Coffee Association. This is shown by the Coffee Consumption Study 2023 of the German Coffee Association with 10,000 respondents. With a plus of six percent compared to the previous quarter, the trend towards the out-of-home market of the past year continues. A comparison with 2022 as a whole shows the upward trend even more clearly: around 11 percent more coffee drinkers drank their favorite beverage in the catering trade in Q2 2023. In the first half of the year, German coffee drinkers consumed an annual average of 56 liters outside the home.

Coffee in Germany - from status symbol to hip everyday companion
"Coffee has undergone quite an image change: from elitist beverage to symbol of economic miracle after the world wars to dusty image in the nineties, when there were only pots outside, but by no means a latte to go," says Preibisch.

"In the 2000s, coffee made its comeback: cafés, coffee bars, coffee shops based on the American model opened. Cappuccino and co. and coffee to go became hip everyday companions. Around three percent of all cups drunk in Germany are to go. Even if the coffeehouse at Schütting no longer exists in the form it did back then, coffee shops, coffee bars and hip cafés are shaping the image of cities in equal measure today."

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