Healthy "fast food" through shock freezing

Berlin-based food start-up develops novel convenience meal made from whole, unprocessed ingredients, vegan, organic and nutrient-rich

28-Aug-2023 - Germany
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Food for Change GmbH with chef and food expert Noa Cohen started the fight for healthy food in 2021. The ambition was to offer a delicious and healthy alternative to highly processed convenience meals. After high demand for the prototype, production has now been expanded. The result:GONOSH® - A wholesome drinkable meal made from harvest-fresh flash-frozen organic ingredients for do-it-yourself mixing.

The special highlight? Shock freezing avoids unhealthy processing, preservatives and stabilizers. GoNOSH® is the first to represent a wholesome convenience meal that is virtually unprocessed. In summary, this means:

  • Preparation in one minute
  • Satisfying for hours
  • Made from real organic vegetable ingredients
  • Very high nutrient profile

The credo: Healthy like home-cooked, convenient like fast food

From the beginning, GoNOSH® set out to be even healthier than most home-cooked meals. The team worked for months with various nutritionists to achieve an optimal composition of the nearly 20 ingredients in terms of their nutrient profile. Shock freezing is used to freeze nutrients for optimal retention. Although so healthy, GoNOSH® is also very convenient. Ready in a minute, it keeps you full for hours and can easily be consumed on the go.

Sustainability: good for the environment, too

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow". These words by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach describe the ideals of Food for Change. So it was clear that only 100% plant-based organic products are used. Contrary to popular belief, deep freezing also helps to save energy.

About 40% of all produced food ends up in the garbage. This applies in particular to fresh produce. An enormous energy consumption that simply goes to waste. So if you look at the whole value chain, frozen products help to save emissions, says co-founder Stephanie Schweyer.

The makers: Food for Change with founders Noa Cohen & Stephanie Schweyer

Directly at Berlin's Ostkreuz is the small office of Food for Change, where the founding team started 2 years ago.

Noa Cohen is the heart of the company and a real power woman. She has worked as a chef in top kitchens around the world, from Novelino in London to the Ritz Carlton in Helsinki.

Food for Change is a true project of the heart, she says, because the idea was prompted by her own rapid recovery from a near-fatal accident. This she owes to her strict diet during the accident. GoNOSH® is now the first product with which the young company is entering the market.

The city of Berlin also promoted the idea last year and supported the development of this innovative food solution, which can now be pre-ordered as part of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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