Microtrac and Mark & Wedell partner

Integrated online particle size analysis solutions


Microtrac MRB, a leading provider of particle size and shape analysis instruments, and Mark & Wedell, a global supplier of automated representative sampling systems and project management services, announced that they have entered a strategic partnership to distribute Microtrac's Camsizer Online products worldwide as part of Mark & Wedell's JAWO sampling business unit.

Microtrac MRB

From left to right, Markus Pauli (CEO Microtrac MRB), Bjarke Pålsson (Co-CEO and owner Mark & Wedell), Torben Ekvall (Co-CEO and owner Mark & Wedell), Robert Waggeling (International Sales Manager, Microtrac MRB).

The partnership will enable customers in various industries, such as mining, fertilizers, cement, aggregates, coal, chemistry, food, and steel, to benefit from the combined expertise and experience of both companies in delivering reliable, accurate, and cost-effective online particle size analysis solutions. The Camsizer Online products are based on Microtrac's patented 3D digital image processing technology and offer a wide measurement range, high resolution, and robust performance in harsh environments. By integrating the Camsizer Online products into Mark & Wedell's representative sampling systems, customers will be able to optimize their processes, improve product quality, and reduce energy and material consumption.

"We are very excited to partner with Mark & Wedell, a company with a strong reputation and a long history in providing innovative and customized sampling solutions to various industries," said Markus Pauli, CEO of Microtrac MRB. "This partnership will enhance our global presence and enable us to offer our customers a complete solution for their online particle size analysis needs."

"We are delighted to join forces with Microtrac, a company with a proven track record and a leading position in the online particle size analysis market," said Bjarke Palsson, Co-CEO/Owner of Mark & Wedell. "This partnership will strengthen our Online sampling business unit and allow us to leverage Microtrac's cutting-edge technology and know-how to provide our customers with the best possible representative online particle size analysis solutions."

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