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followfood uses AI tools to stage the worm as the savior of the soil in the cinematic style of the current cinema epic "DUNE 2"


The fate of our planet is decided beneath our feet. Because the future of our soil will determine the food supply of the future and therefore the fate of humanity. The new film from followfood takes this basic idea and implements it in a spectacular way with cinematic images in the style of the current film epic "DUNE 2".


WURM. Savior of the earth

With the film generated by an AI, followfood not only shows what is possible, but above all the company uses the theme of the film to show what is necessary for the future of humanity. Over 30% of global soils are already infertile. With the help of AI, the worm is portrayed as the savior of the soil and thus of humanity, and the link is made to the soil savior initiative of the transparently sustainable food company from Lake Constance. The message: everyone should join the battle of the worms to make our soils alive and fertile again. The film was conceived and realized by the agency TankTank, Hamburg, and can now be seen on the company's social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

followfood founded the Soil Savior Fund in 2019 and actively promotes the expansion of regenerative organic farming with 1% of the selling price to retailers. Unfortunately, however, this initiative is largely hidden from view. Away from the public eye. Although it is helping to decide the future together with farmers and worms, it is buried in the darkest corners of the dopamine-driven streams of our time, so to speak.

In order to make the epic importance of the fight for healthy soils for the planet and humanity emotionally tangible, followfood has tried to tell this story in a cinematic way that befits the subject matter and reaches people. The result is the film: Wurm. Savior of the Earth.

Based on the story of the current film epic "DUNE", the second part of which has already been released, followfood tells the story of probably the most powerful creatures on our planet - at least when we look at the ground. Worms react sensitively to changes in their habitat, especially to pollution and soil changes. Therefore, they are often considered indicators of soil quality and ecosystem health.

The AI-generated movie does have a humorous level. Comparing earthworms to the giant sandworms from Dune seems a little presumptuous at first. However, the message behind it could not be more serious. The film was conceived and produced by the creative team at the TankTank agency.

The followfood Bodenretter initiative calls for a consistent departure from the current system of agribusiness and shows what sustainable food production can look like. Only with sustainable, organically grown food can we protect the producers of topsoil. Together with courageous farmers, the Soil Savers Initiative is researching new cultivation methods in order to establish regenerative organic agriculture - which is developing organic further.

The film concludes with a call to join the fight of the worms. Every followfood Bodenretter product purchased automatically finances the Bodenretter initiative and thus the development of healthy soils. The video is linked next to the article.

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