Did you know that parents should be careful with rice cakes?

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Rice cakes

rice naturally contains inorganic arsenic, which can cause cancer in large quantities. We cannot completely avoid arsenic, as it occurs naturally in the soil and is absorbed by plants. The European Union therefore applies maximum levels for inorganic arsenic in rice, rice cookies, rice cakes, rice crackers and rice cakes and, since 2023, also for rice flour and drinks. However, infants and young children in particular can be excessively exposed due to their low body weight if they regularly snack on rice cakes and rice porridge or rice drinks are also on the menu. Rice and rice products should therefore only be eaten in moderation and alternated with other cereals.

The NRW consumer advice center recommends: If you prepare rice at home, it is best to wash it thoroughly in plenty of water beforehand and use the water cooking method. The excess water, into which some of the arsenic compounds are transferred, is then poured away.

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