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Lecture with Prof. Martina Gastl

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Weihenstephan, home to the oldest brewery in the world, has always been closely associated with beer and beverages. In fact, water is the only essential liquid that humans need to drink. Are beverage developments therefore a pure luxury? What challenges does the beverage industry face? Which products reflect our zeitgeist and what new concepts can we expect? Prof. Martina Gastl, Head of the Weihenstephan Research Center for Brewing and Food Quality, will talk about these and other questions in her lecture in the TUM@Freising series on Tuesday, 14 May 2024 in the Lindenkeller in Freising.

In her lecture, Prof. Gastl will give an overview of how the beverage industry and consumer behavior have developed over the years. She shows the origins of beverage development and predicts which trends are likely to have an impact on the market. Beverage innovations are characterized by social issues such as sustainability and trust in the production process. In addition to consumers asking how healthy a drink is, legal requirements also play a role. This constantly poses new challenges for both marketing and, above all, beverage development. Some beverage sectors are more affected by this, others less. Sales in the brewing industry, for example, have fallen sharply in recent years; in the non-alcoholic soft drinks and waters sector, however, the decline has been more moderate or there has even been an increase. Moreover, the population as a whole is drinking more! Martina Gastl uses selected examples to illustrate these correlations.

Drinks reflect our zeitgeist - a symbiosis of consumer behavior and innovation

How and what will we drink the day after tomorrow? The beverage industry constantly surprises us with new, innovative products and tries to reach as many consumers as possible. Nevertheless, traditional drinks also have a firm place in the beverage and market portfolio. More than almost any other sector, the beverage industry and the associated market react quickly to the increasingly changing and individualized preferences of consumers with new product concepts and processes. Health aspects and sustainability are also playing an increasingly important role. The beverage industry is often a key driver in the food market, for example in the use of functional and natural, plant-based ingredients. In the dynamic market of the beverage industry, products that stand out in particular are those that demonstrate uniqueness and generate enthusiasm with, for example, a special taste experience or impressive functionality.

Lecture date: Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 7:00 p.m.

After the lecture, all interested parties are invited to ask the speaker questions. The event will be moderated by Philipp Lenz.

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