Study reveals: When and where beer is enjoyed in Austria.

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beer is part of Austria, with almost 60 percent of the population consuming it regularly. But where and when do they indulge in beer? The Beer Culture Report sheds light on this.

Austria is a beer country, traditionally we have always been among the top 3 worldwide with our beer consumption - together with the Czech Republic and Germany. We also hold beer culture in high regard, with almost 90 percent of respondents rating the importance of Austrian beverage culture as stable. This is also reflected in consumption - the majority of Austrians (59%) state that they enjoy beer regularly, i.e. at least several times a month.

"Beer is an integral part of many situations in everyday life," explains Gabriela Maria Straka, Director Corporate Affairs & ESG Sustainability and qualified beer sommelier. "For 43% of Austrians, beer is part of a barbecue, for 39% it is part of celebrations, parties or festivals. But for many, other occasions are also inextricably linked with beer."

Occasions for beer: occasions according to occasion, season and taste

If you ask Austrians in which situations they reach for beer, there is one undisputed favorite situation: barbecues. For 43%, a beer belongs on the table, almost equally for women (41%) and men (46%). Four out of ten consume beer to celebrate, at parties and festivals, and similar figures apply to village festivals and fairs. When going out in the evening or meeting up with friends, 33% on average reach for beer, with men being significantly more beer-savvy here - 41% of them reach for a beer in this situation. For 26%, the sheer taste is reason enough to treat themselves to a beer. The social component is also emphasized by 26% - they reach for beer when their partner or friends also drink beer. A quarter also say that beer is an essential part of a meal at home.

In line with the focus on beer culture in the annual cycle, the representative study for the 15th Beer Culture Report also looked at seasonal effects. The result: two thirds of our compatriots (66% to be precise) say that they enjoy their favorite beer regardless of the season. Among the over-60s, the figure is as high as 74 percent. However, 50 percent are convinced that beer tastes more refreshing in summer than in winter, while 40 percent explicitly look forward to the first warm days and the opening of the beer gardens every year. Incidentally, at 45%, men are significantly more likely to do so than women (36%). Unsurprisingly, Radler is particularly popular in summer, as 30 percent of respondents report, while bock beers are the winter favorites with 15 percent.

Gabriela Maria Straka explains: "Beer is also firmly anchored in the annual cycle for many: for a good quarter of respondents (27%), it is explicitly part of seasonal celebrations and holidays such as Easter or Christmas." Beer Pope Conrad Seidl goes into even more detail in his article in the current Beer Culture Report, telling of countless occasions around the calendar that have to do with beer - remarkably often through the respective saints who are commemorated and their connection to brewing or beer.

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