Tea unites the world

Tea Day on May 21, 2024


It's that time of year again on May 21. In the spirit of International tea Day, the local tea industry is celebrating Tea Day. This year's motto is Tea unites the World. With this, the German tea industry would also like to point out that tea brings us all together in a unique way. The second most popular drink in the world after water creates an invisible bond between people, continents and cultures every day.

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Those who enjoy it together enjoy it in peace

Asia, Africa, South America, Europe - tea is at home everywhere and is an integral part of many people's everyday lives. They enjoy their favorite drink, creating a moment of togetherness time and again. "In Japan, people come together for a tea ceremony, in England for tea time, in the Arab world a glass of tea is a sign of hospitality, in China no day starts without tea and in East Frisia a chat without tea is simply unthinkable," says Kyra Schaper, Press Officer of the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association, explaining how tea unites our world in a unique way.

Tea is lived and loved diversity

Whether as a valuable raw material, a natural foodstuff or a versatile luxury food, tea has a high status that is constantly growing in importance. As a commodity, it brings people together, secures livelihoods and jobs and contributes to sustainable development. "Even if we don't realize it with every cup, tea is always the result of close cooperation and the great commitment of many people from different countries, who together create connecting moments for us," says Kyra Schaper.

May 21, 2024 - here's to a cup of tea!

Everyone who would like to celebrate the current Day of Tea is cordially invited! With an extra cup of your favorite tea, with a cup of tea with friends or with a little voyage of discovery in one of the many tea stores. Always with the good feeling: Tea unites the world.

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