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Masking the Taste of Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Food Additives

Dietary supplements for athletes and balanced additives for all age groups must, above all, possess one property – they have to taste good more

It’s all about cheese

It's all about cheese" – the Frischpack company slogan perfectly sums up the expertise of this mid-tier company from Mailling near Rosenheim. The Southern German cheese service provider specializes in the processing of hard and semi-hard cheeses. more

Processing of feed additives for dairy and meat industry

Animal feed has to meet the very high energy requirements of dairy cows and beef cattle, while simultaneously supplying the animal with essential nutrients and functional additives more

A Continuous Fluidized Bed Process under GMP Conditions

Are you searching for a drying method for your slurries, solutions or emulsions? more

Layering – a High Quality and Cost Efficient Alternative to Spray Drying

We use suspension layering to refine your liquid raw materials into solid, uniform pellets with a precisely defined amount of active ingredients more

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