Über Fiere di Parma

A three hundred thousand-square metre exhibition district in the centre of the manufacturing heartland of northern and central Italy: these are the vital statistics of Parma Exhibition Centre, an organisation that within the Italian trade fair panorama offers its services as a partner for companies intending to fulfil their expectations by blending tradition and innovation. A fruitful marriage between trade fair expertise and entrepreneurial flair has led to the establishment of world-class events such as Cibus, which has long supported and promoted the Italian food sector across the world; Cibus Tec, a privileged showcase for food processing and machinery; Mercanteinfiera, Gotha, Emporium and Bagarre, four ingenious intuitions that over the years have lent the antiques sector increased dignity and a professional dimension, setting trends and launching new lifestyles, as well as inventing modern antiques and vintage.

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