About Grainrus

Founded in 1997. Grainrus is the trading and production company with main areas of interest in: - Import and distribution of raw materials for the brewing industry; - Own malt production under the brand Kursk Malt; - Technological consultancy in experimental brewing and development of new craft beer formula. The malt house of Kursk Malt has more than 12 years of experience in the production of basic and special malts with a colour from 20 to 1400 EBC according to the highest standards. Product quality is confirmed by the international product quality marks ISO, EAC, LGC, VLB Berlin, and has also been repeatedly awarded with awards of national competitions and prizes. Today, the production capacities of Grainrus Agro include elevator complexes for storing grain and oil crops in the Kursk region with a total capacity of up to 237,500 tons. The area of arable land is 75,000 hectares in the territory of Medvensky, Zolotukhinsky, Shchigrovsky, Oboyansky and Kursk districts of the Kursk region. The main crops in the crop rotation are wheat, barley, soy, corn. The agricultural machinery park has 300 units of equipment from leading Russian and European manufacturers. The company has its own seed plant with a capacity of up to 15,000 tons/year. The plant produces seeds of imported and Russian breeds, including barley varieties: Despina, Explorer, and wheat Alekseich, Yuka, Grom, Torrild, Graf, Ethana, Protina, Hannah, Sigalia. Since 2007, another direction of the company's development has been dairy farming at the Kotelnikovo MTF in the Oboyansk district of the Kursk region with total livestock of 550 animals. The company's infrastructure allows the shipment of agricultural products from its own railway terminals. Over 15 years of work Grainrus Agro, export deliveries on the terms of FOB, DAP, CPT EXW have been carried out to 18 countries of the world, including countries of the European Union, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Facts about Grainrus
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Raw materials and ingredients

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