About ATT

ATT Inox Drain ® is the leading producer of stainless steel draining systems.

All our actions are based on the following principles: sustained high quality of products and services, constant improvement and expansion of our range products as well as reliability and timeliness.

We work for Customers in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and wide variety of construction and installation industries.

Through combining innovative projects with advanced technology, modern machine park and years of experience, we offer products and services which meet the highest standards. Our solutions reflect needs of our Customers, such as on-site adaptation processes during product installation. Each phase of the order completion - from design, through workmanship to installation - is supervised and consulted with you by our specialists, just to make sure you get your final product according to your plans.

ATT is a team of engineers who combine their know-how and passion with creativity and long-standing experience. The combination of these features brings about a certain, unique quality of projects. Their comprehensive technical knowledge of construction and industry realities makes it possible to adjust complex solutions to individual needs of our Customers.

Facts about ATT
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