About Pcdata

Established in 1988 in the Netherlands by 2 entrepreneurial graduate engineers, Pcdata budding start came developing solutions to facilitate the distribution of product for industrial bakeries. The use of Pcdata’s Pick- and Put-to-Light solutions in bakery shipping has since become the standard way of order filling in many areas around the world.

Quickly it became apparent that the knowledge gained in baking of how to move product quickly, efficiently and accurately through a warehouse, was very valuable and applicable to many an industry. In the late 1990’s Pcdata started its geographic and demographic expansion. In the beginning the projects more closely related to baking - flower vegetable and other perishable goods distribution – but quickly completely different industries, such as airline catering, food services, cosmetics, 3PL, CD and book distribution just to name a few.

Facts about Pcdata
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Production technology

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