A drome-dairy? German farm plans to sell camel's milk

27-Apr-2015 - Germany

A camel farm in the northern German state of Lower Saxony announced Sunday that it will be the first company nationwide to sell camel's milk

"We started the milking a couple of weeks ago," farmer Andreas Marquard told dpa at his farm in the village of Hiddingen. Marquard said he has submitted his application for a licence to sell the milk, but he does not expect it to be issued for at least a year. 

The milk will be deep-frozen and delivered to customers, he added. The taste of camel's milk is similar to unpasteurized cow's milk, Marquard said.

He said he had received requests to buy the milk mostly from people suffering from atopic eczema and allergies. A private camel owners' club said that there is no other business in Germany that is offering camel's milk for sale. (dpa)

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