BIOFACH 2016: Organic 3.0 – Action for more organic!

07-Jul-2015 - Germany
  • Congress focal point “Action for more organic!”
  • Organic 3.0: Organic as the future of the agriculture and food industry

Every year in February the international organic products movement gathers at Biofach, next time it will be from 10 to 13 February 2016. To mark the 25thanniversary of the world leading trade fair in 2014, Organic 3.0 became the focus of attention for the first time. And it shows: the organic sector is concerned with further developing its conceptual framework under this motto. Since then numerous Think Tanks have been working on Organic 3.0 and have been publishing their findings on how they envisage the future of the organic agriculture and food industry. At BIOFACH 2016 the organic sector is introducing the next step: according to the description of the theme, the movement is focusing on “Action for more organic”. The international patron of BIOFACH, IFOAM, (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) - Organics International, along with its national honorary sponsor, BÖLW (Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft, Association of Organic Food Producers), are offering their services as partners and pace-setters, and together with the world leading trade fair, are placing the focus on the future-orientated theme at the heart of the BIOFACH Congress. Sector targets: more organic farming and high-quality organic products worldwide. 

Organic is continuing to grow. According to the figures published by IFOAM in cooperation with the Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL), at the end of 2013 global sales of organic products reached 72 billion US Dollars (44% more than 5 years previously). The market share however remains small: Only 1% of food worldwide is produced organically. The gap between growth and the long road to the nutritional turnaround is a matter concerning the organic movement. The question arises as to which role and with which objective organic foods can make a key contribution to the mastering of global sustainability challenges. Within the framework of “Organic 3.0 – Action for more organic!”, the sector is discussing the current status within the framework of the next BIOFACH Congress. 

Restructuring of the global nutritional industry the focal point

Studies confirm: a restructuring of the global agriculture and nutritional industry is absolutely necessary in order to take on pressing challenges. Markus Arbenz, Managing Director IFOAM Organics International: “Organic stands for genuine sustainability in agriculture and nutrition and can make a decisive contribution to the mastering of global challenges such as hunger, climatic change and dwindling resources. To this end, conventional systems must be converted to an ecological business approach and allowed to grow further. But what is also clear: the growth is changing the self-perception of the organic movement. Our strategies and objectives must therefore be reviewed and our actions adjusted. In addition to the organic companies, in particular the politicians are also called upon; along with civil society the foundation for restructuring and growth must be created. BIOFACH 2016 forms the platform for the start of specific actions and measures.” 

Organic: solution element for pressing challenges

The “Organic 3.0 – Action for more organic!” dialogue is directed at the organic movement and players outside the sector. The aim is to develop a joint understanding for medium and long-term action targets. In this context, the sector is focusing in particular on politicians, the private sector, civil society and organic service-providers. Peter Röhrig, Managing Director BÖLW: "The feasibility and effectiveness of organic products are proven. Now the aim is to make active use of this business approach in order to restructure the nutrition industry and to actively use its positive effects for human beings and the environment. With Organic 3.0 organic food is discussing and positioning itself as a future model for agriculture and nutrition. At BIOFACH 2016 under the main theme “Organic 3.0 – Action for more organic!” there will be close examination and discussion of how the political and legal frameworks for organic restructuring must be shaped.” 

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