Master Brewers Association of America presents lifetime achievement award to Ashland retiree Mustafa Rehmanji

19-Oct-2015 - Switzerland

Ashland Specialty ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH) announced that Mustafa Rehmanji retired expert in stabilization technology, received the Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA), Award of Merit, a lifetime achievement award, at the annual MBAA meeting and exhibition in Jacksonville, Florida.

During the formal reception, Rehmanji was recognized for his role in the development of Polyclar™ beer stabilizers, a product known by master brewers around the world. During his distinguished career, he combined his expertise in Brewing technology with his broad competency in polymer chemistry to solve a key and complex challenge in beer-brewing; preventing the loss of clarity caused by colloidal haze that develops from the presence of polyphenols, proteins and tannoids that form during the brewing process.

Picture: Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Mustafa Rehmanji receiving his award from MBAA President, Tom Eplett.

Picture: Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Mustafa Rhemanji, former Ashland Manager of Research and Development Technical Services for Beverage and Ashland Master Brewer, Andrew Mola at the MBAA Award Ceremony.

Picture: Ashland Specialty Ingredients
Picture: Ashland Specialty Ingredients

"Mustafa has contributed significantly to the improvement of the brewing industry, helping to make beer better with less loss and with less energy. He is highly respected among his peers at MBAA. We are very selective when selecting people to receive this award and Mustafa is very deserving," said Tom Eplett, president Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA).
During his career, Rehmanji, who retired from Ashland last year, developed several beer stabilization systems that advanced both the stability and clarity of beer. The product portfolio he developed includes Polyclar Plus 730 beer stabilizer, a multifunctional system that enables brewers at large and medium-sized breweries to remove haze-forming proteins, tannoids, and polyphenols, thus achieving stabilization with a single addition. To meet the needs of the ever-increasing smaller craft breweries, Rehmanji also developed Polyclar Brewbrite technology, a system designed for upstream wort clarification and beer stabilization that is made possible with a single addition to the brewing kettle.

Polyclar beer stabilizers are widely recognized as the first choice of beer brewers and manufacturers throughout the world. Today, Ashland offers four major stabilizer technologies, including Polyclar Super R grade, optimized for regeneration technology, and the original Polyclar 10 single-use beer stabilizer. Polyclar 10 was first adopted for use in the beverage industry in the late 1960s, and has been proven to efficiently and effectively remove haze-forming polyphenol precursors.

"The beer industry certainly has a long, storied history, but the interwoven art and science of beer making continues to improve year after year," Rehmanji said. "I am pleased to be associated with an exceptional group of people that wakes up in the morning with the intent of improving upon their craft, and at night, goes to bed knowing that they have actually made some progress in achieving their goals."

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