COPA-DATA presents new versions of its software

08-Mar-2016 - Austria

With zenon 7.50, zenon Analyzer 3 and zenon Logic 9, COPA-DATA is bringing a comprehensive update of its family of software products to the market. Numerous new features and improvements ensure simple project configuration as well as robust runtimes and support users with ergonomic implementation of their automation projects.

COPA-DATA Headquarters

Zenon 7.5

COPA-DATA Headquarters

Zenon Analyzer 3

COPA-DATA Headquarters
COPA-DATA Headquarters

The most recent software release from COPA-DATA is not just limited to – as was previously the case – the zenon Operator (HMI) and zenon Supervisor (SCADA) products, but also includes new versions of its reporting software zenon Analyzer, as well as the integrated PLC programming environment zenon Logic. “Our objective in software development was always having a flexible, modular, but at the same time fully-integrated, networked system, the strengths of which bear fruit when interacting with one another. In order to achieve an even better synchronization of our products, we have decided to now present these bundled into one annual zenon release. Of course, there are separate products behind each zenon release as before, which will continue to be purchased, licensed and used separately” explains Reinhard Mayr, Product Manager at COPA-DATA.

An overview of further new features:

zenon 7.50

  • IEC 61850 Edition 2 certification
  • PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) support in accordance with IEC 62349-3
  • Improved Scheduler interface
  • Performance improvements, especially for large multi-user projects and for comprehensive variable lists
  • Usability improvements
  • More accurate forecasts for Load Management
  • Enhancements to metering point administration
  • Inclusion of the new version of zenon Logic (9)
  • Enhancements to the HTML web engine
  • Driver enhancements: KUKA, Codesys 3S, AllenDF1, DNP3

zenon Analyzer 3

  • Usability improvements for the zenon Analyzer wizards
  • Manual data editor enhancements, including increased user-friendliness
  • New and revised hydroelectric power plant analyses
  • Reports with adjustment for weather conditions
  • Enhancements to the Extended Historian Analysis
  • Azure SQL database integration
  • Implementation of current security technologies

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