McDonalds Worker Posts Sickening Pics

31-Jul-2017 - USA

A McDonald's employee in Louisiana was fired after he posted disgusting photos of a drip tray from the restaurant's ice cream machine. 

The employee, identified as Nick, tweeted photos of a drip tray from inside the ice cream machine that contained moldMcDonalds-Worker-072817.jpgy-looking substance. Nick claims that he was fired from the restaurant after he shared the photos. 

"I shared it because I wanted to let people know what they're consuming, and how disgusting the conditions are," Nick, who asked that his last name remain private, told BuzzFeed News . 

"We are committed to running great restaurants that provide our customers with high quality food, service and a clean environment.

This is a part of our soft serve equipment that does not come into contact with any food and is required to undergo regular and timely cleaning," McDonald's issued a statement to Huffington Post. 

The owner and operator of the restaurant location issued a statement to BuzzFeed, saying "The company regularly conducts in-person and online employee training sessions as well as internal inspections to ensure crew members are following safe food practices. In addition, we have a long history of passing regular health department inspections." (dpa) 

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