New: Taco Bell's Kit Kat Quesadillas

24-Oct-2017 - United Kingdom

Taco Bell, the Mexican fast food chain of Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM), is reportedly testing a new dessert product called the "Kit Kat Chocoladilla" at select locations in Wisconsin. It was tested last year in the UK.

The Kit Kat Chocoladilla is literally a quesadilla filled with Kit Kat bars. It features melted chocolate and Kit Kat pieces folded in a flour tortilla, which is then grilled. It sells for $1.

Taco Bell already offers chocolate quesadilla called the "Chocodillar' in several countries aboard.

Brand Eating reported that the company is going with a different name in the U.S. due to the similarity of "Chocoladilla" to "Chocodile," the name of a Hostess snack cake.

Taco Bell is also said to be offering a Caramel Chocoladilla made with Twix at some locations in Wisconsin instead of the Kit Kat version.

In August, Taco Bell launched a new menu item - the Naked Egg Taco, which is made with fried egg taco shells. In January this year, Taco Bell launched "Naked Chicken Chalupa" - a new Chalupa item that replaced typical taco shell with fried chicken. (dpa)

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