Amount of meat in US cold stores growing due to trade dispute

23-Jul-2018 - USA
According to a report in the business paper "Wall Street Journal", more and more meat is piling up in US cold stores. This is a consequence of increasing supply and falling demand in the course of the trade dispute, the paper reported on Sunday, citing experts.

It is estimated that new statistics will show a record quantity of 2.5 billion pounds (1.04 billion kilos) of beef, pork and poultry. These statistics are not expected until Monday at the earliest.
The paper reported that consumers' appetite for meat is growing - but not fast enough to keep up with record production.
This made US meat production increasingly dependent on exports, but Mexico and China had both imposed special duties on pork from the US. This would make US meat more expensive on these markets.
Mexico and Brazil are among the largest importers of meat from the USA. Both countries levied the special duties in retaliation for US special duties on steel, aluminium and other goods./da/DP/he (dpa)

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