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First coffee capsule compostable at home

Organically based synthetic material with sunflower seed shells protects fossil resources


ALPLA, Fotograf: Adi Bereuter

In cooperation with Golden Compound, the internationally active packaging manufacturer ALPLA is bringing a world first onto the market: the first coffee capsule compostable at home.

In cooperation with Golden Compound, the internationally active packaging manufacturer ALPLA is bringing a world first onto the market: a biodegradable coffee capsule that consumers can dispose of in their home compost.

Together with materials manufacturer Golden Compound, ALPLA has developed a market-ready coffee capsule that environmentally aware consumers can use with a clear conscience. The capsule is made from the material Golden Compound green. This comprises an organically based material and ground natural fibres from sunflower seed shells. The capsule and filter fleece are completely biodegradable in the garden compost within a maximum of six months, and are free from aluminium and genetically modified organisms. ALPLA provides its customers with the capsule and the garden-compostable lid.

The first user in the world is Amann Kaffee from Vorarlberg, Austria. The coffee roaster is presenting the new product as part of the ‘Gustav – fair for consumer culture’ trade fair in the Dornbirn trade fair district from 19 to 21 October. Golden Compound will also be represented at the industry trade fair Fakuma in Friedrichshafen (Hall B4, Booth 4114) from 16 October.

By-product of sunflower processing

Golden Compound uses sunflower seed shells as a reinforcing material. They are a by-product of the food industry and not in competition with food production. In this way, Golden Compound green protects fossil resources and reduces the carbon footprint. Composting the capsule generates humus, and the coffee grounds contain valuable plant nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

Excellent characteristics

The material also has excellent characteristics, as confirmed by numerous certificates: the oxygen barrier is very much comparable with conventional plastics such as PP-EVOH-PP. The monolayer coffee capsule is thus aroma-proof without outer packaging. Furthermore, Golden Compound green is certified in line with the standards ‘OK compost HOME’ and ‘OK biodegradable SOIL’ from TÜV.

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