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Cookie baking small 1x1 with the AutoNester software


Fraunhofer SCAI

The AutoNester program package from Fraunhofer SCAI actually optimizes patterns for textiles, metal, wood and leather. But the software is also interesting for Christmas bakers: It calculates how the rolled out dough surface can be used optimally - i.e. how to roll out dough less often and still get lots of Christmas cookies. A small time saving during the stressful Christmas season.

The optimization of cookie baking may make you smile. In the clothing and upholstered furniture industry, however, AutoNester minimizes waste and thus saves resources and costs. The material utilisation of AutoNester's cut patterns is comparable to that achieved by experienced experts.

But how can waste minimisation be achieved? Put simply, the software systematically tries out tens of thousands of possibilities in a short period of time. After each new arrangement, it determines whether the surface is used more efficiently than before. But that alone is not enough. If the shapes have clear differences in size, AutoNester also searches for larger gaps in which the smaller shapes can fit.

AutoNester can do much more: The software also takes into account different quality ranges of leather hides or striped patterns of fabrics when arranging the sweater - so that the new sweater does not have a cross- and a longitudinally striped sleeve.

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