22-May-2020 - Confiserie Sprüngli AG

A world first: Grand Cru Absolu - an intense chocolate experience made from just two ingredients

It's a chocolate experience unlike any other

As a pioneer in grand cru chocolate in Switzerland, Sprüngli launched a world first: Grand Cru Absolu - an intense chocolate experience made from just two ingredients. Sprüngli uses Bolivian single-origin cacao beans and juice from the cacao fruit to handcraft dark chocolate truffles and outstanding macarons. It's a chocolate experience unlike any other, and a truly unique taste for connoisseurs and chocolate lovers alike.

Grand Cru - absolute enjoyment

The deliberate use of single-origin cacao beans gives the Grand cru chocolate an intense and sophisticated flavour. To make Grand Cru Absolu, small-scale farmers hand-pick rare cacao fruits and their beans which boast a fruity-citrus and intense chocolate flavour. Only the naturally sweet, aromatic juice coming from the white pulp of the cacao fruit is added. Sprüngli has united these two components to create a pure, raw chocolate experience with a fruity and intensely dark character.

Exquisite quality - 100% cacao fruit

To Sprüngli, responsibility means using natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and processing these with care to guarantee exquisite quality. Using the entire cacao fruit ensures a careful approach to the environment and allows the cacao farmers to create added value.

Product information

Truffe Grand Cru Absolu

Truffle filled with a creamy ganache made from intense Grand Cru Absolu chocolate and cacao juice, coated in chocolate shavings. Naturally fresh, with no added sugar or lecithin. Suitable for vegans.

Luxemburgerli Chocolat Absolu

A light cream with natural cacao juice nestled between two vanilla and chocolate macaroons, with a chocolate ganache core, topped with an exquisite Grand Cru Absolu chocolate disc.

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