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Ice trends 2021

Colourful variety with innovations, classics and even more sustainability

For a moment of indulgence at home, as a pure indulgence or as a break from everyday life - ice cream has taken on a very special meaning in times of the pandemic. The retreat into one's own home has given a strong boost to sales of ice cream in food retail in 2020. For the new ice cream season, industrial ice cream manufacturers are therefore launching many attractive new products for enjoying ice cream at home with family or close friends. In addition, ice cream will become even more sustainable in 2021.

Many innovations in family packs

In the largest ice cream segment of family or household packs, ice cream connoisseurs can look forward to these delicious new products, among others:

  • Blackcurrant Yoghurt

  • Mango Passion Fruit & Cream

  • Triple Choc

  • Yoghurt Apricot

  • Salted Caramel

  • Cookies

  • Doré Chocolate

The new ice cream creations immediately arouse curiosity.

Trend towards cooperation with well-known brands

Particularly in the trendy cup packaging up to 500 ml and in multi-packs (several small ice creams in one package), 2021 will see a new variety of ice cream in cooperation with popular and well-known brands from the chocolate, dessert or beverage sectors - all these brands promise novel taste experiences in combination with creamy ice cream.

Ice cream classics with new variations

Whether ice cream on a stick, in a cone, sandwich, cup, as a bar, in the household pack or for the catering sector - the ice cream classics continue to be very popular with consumers. Even more variety in 2021 for ice cream fans who prefer the classics will be provided by soft ice cream cones, vegan ice creams and new varieties such as apricot sour cream. The use of high-quality ingredients such as chocolate from Belgium, ice cream without additives with 100 % natural ingredients, ice cream with a particularly high protein content or a refinement of the recipes with cream, high milk content or a combination of peanuts with rice in the ice cream can also be found in the delicious new products.

Trend towards more sustainability

The issue of sustainability will become even more of a focus for ice cream in 2021 - especially when it comes to packaging and ingredients. Vanilla and especially cocoa will often come from certified cultivation. Carton packaging will be recyclable or, in the case of cartons for multi-packs, made from recycled material. Some packaging and lids are now made of at least 95% cardboard. There are also the first cups made from recycled plastic. Also, some ice cream factories are already running on 100% green electricity. For the consumer, the trend towards sustainability in ice cream is clearly visible on the packaging through corresponding information, which also facilitates the purchase decision. Ice cream enjoyment and sustainability therefore go well together.

The 2021 ice cream season can start. The range is colourful and varied for every ice cream fan and for every ice cream moment.

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