Coca-Cola Unveils "Space-Themed" Flavor

Starlight For A Different Experience

21-Feb-2022 - USA

Coca-Cola on Thursday unveiled a new innovation platform for limited-edition products, which is a perfect combination of marketing, creative, design and tech.  Known as a "new brand expression", Coca-Cola Creations plans to introduce in the market a series of limited-edition flavors, collaborations and experiences covering both the "physical and digital worlds".


As part of the Coca-Cola Creations, the first product to hit the US is a limited-edition "space Coke" known as Starlight. The drink is expected to give a feel of how outer space might taste like.

Available in original and zero sugar flavors, Starlight will be launched across the rest of North America, Europe and Asia in the next two months and stay in shelves for up to six months. The brand is also planning new "fantasy" inspired products under the Coca-Cola Creations banner, with limited-edition flavors all set to be launched this year, lasting for weeks or months.  The new platform follows on the steps of the September 2021 launch of the "Real Magic campaign, Coke's first global brand platform since 2016.

The Coke team said that they took a "new approach" to product development, bringing together teams across marketing, creative, tech, design and liquid innovation to co-create the Starlight product. The flavor is described as the classic Coke taste with an additional cooling taste, while the packaging features stars and a gradient of shades featuring the colors of a nebula.

Commenting on the Starlight product, design director Josh Schwarber said, "We collectively knew for each of these creations the first thing we had to do was to unlock the flavor, unlock those tastes, because those would be the centerpieces around which we'd build the larger creative experiences."

The Coca-Cola Starlight launch sees the company enter into partnerships with other brands like streetwear brands Staple, Private Policy and Bearbrick, as well as Revolution Beauty and clothing label PacSun.  Coca Cola is investing heavily on immersive digital experiences through the Starlight drink, hosted via the Coca-Cola Creations mobile site.  Consumers can use Starlight augmented reality filters on social media and have immersive audio ASMR experiences.

People just need to scan a can or bottle of the new flavor via the Coca-Cola Creations site and it will open up an AR concert from US singer and brand ambassador Ava Max. (dpa)

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