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Red Bull is the most valuable soft drink brand in Europe

Red Bull flutters to the top

Red Bull gives itself wings and flutters to the top of the European soft drink brands. With a brand value of almost 6 billion euros, Red Bull is the most valuable soft drink brand in Europe, landing ahead of Nestlé's Nescafé brand (5.5 billion euros). Another European victory for Austria: Erste Bank is the strongest European bank brand with 86.5 out of 100 possible points. Many other Austrian brands also perform well. Overall, the report shows that soft drinks, banks and construction technology are the three most valuable sectors in Austria's brand landscape. The report can be downloaded and further information is available at: https://brandirectory.com/rankings/europe/.

Brand Finance is a global market-leading independent consulting firm for brand valuation and brand analysis, headquartered in London. In its "Brand Finance Europe 500" report, it identifies the 500 most valuable European brands worldwide every year. Two key figures in particular are decisive for this: brand strength and brand value. Brand strength makes a non-financial or non-monetary statement about the significance of the brand to important stakeholders and its effectiveness in a specific competitive context. Brand value, on the other hand, makes an economic statement about the monetary value of a brand, also taking into account strategic business objectives and stock market reports.

Red Bull flutters to the top

With a brand value of almost 6 billion euros, Red Bull is the most valuable soft drink brand in Europe. The Austrian soft drink winner is followed on the podium by the Swiss brand Nescafé (5.5 billion euros) and the UK brand Lipton (2.8 billion euros). Lavazza is the fourth most valuable soft drink brand in Europe with just under 1.3 billion euros. In the overall European ranking "Brand Finance Europe 500 2022", Red Bull, Nescafé Lipton and Lavazza are ranked 77th, 84th, 194th and 381st respectively.

Top 3 most valuable brands in Austria

Red Bull is not only the European soft drink winner, but also the most valuable brand in Austria (just under 6 billion euros). Erste Bank follows in second and third place with a brand value of 2.8 billion euros (192nd place in the European ranking) and the telecommunications brand A1 with a brand value of 2.2 billion euros (229th place in the European ranking). Among the top ten Austrian brands, A1 showed the highest increase in value, namely by plus 28.9 percent.

Erste is Europe's strongest bank brand

Erste Bank is also at the European top: it is the strongest bank brand in Europe. In the brand strength index, it gained 22.4 points and achieved 86.5 out of a possible 100 points. It thus overtakes the Spanish bank brand BBVA (84.9 points) and the Italian Intesa San Paolo (82.5 points). Erste Bank thus records the highest growth rates of all banking institutions in the "Brand Finance Europe 500 2022" ranking.

"Austria, which is often underestimated internationally, shows here in an impressive way how above-average performing and dynamic Austrian brands are in a highly competitive European comparison," emphasizes Ulf-Brün Drechsel, Country and Client Service Director DACH at Brand Finance Germany, based in Hamburg. "With Red Bull as the most valuable brand in the highly competitive end-consumer soft drinks segment and with Erste Bank as the strongest brand in the strategically important banking finance sector, Austria shows its brand power," Drechsel continues.

Eight Austrian brands among the top 500 most valuable brands

A total of eight Austrian brands can be found in the European top 500 ranking of the most valuable brands: Red Bull, Erste Bank, the telecommunications brand A1, Raiffeisen Bank International, the oil and gas brand OMV, the insurance group VIG, the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB and Strabag, technology group for construction services.

"Three economic sectors determine value," clarifies Drechsel. Soft drinks, banks and construction technology are the three most important sectors. With a total of 14.4 billion euros, they account for more than half of the total brand value of the Austrian brands surveyed.

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