Entocycle secures $5m Series A to license tech solutions for insect farms worldwide

The global black soldier fly market is expected to grow 30.5% CAGR from 2022 to reach $3.96bn by 2033

02-Feb-2023 - United Kingdom

The UK’s leading insect technology company Entocycle has announced a $5 million Series A investment in a funding round led byClimentum Capital, a Climate-Tech venture capital firm based out of Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm.

James Tiono / Unsplash

The new funding confirms Entocycle as a leading global player in the rapidly-growing insect industry as it looks to place its cutting-edge technology at the heart of large-scale insect farms worldwide.

The company will use the investment to roll out a suite of products and services to serve established insect companies and new entrants into the insect industry globally. Entocycle will expand the team from its current headcount of 21 as it seeks to commercialise operations and make its products and services more accessible to the market.

Alongside Climentum Capital, the Series A funding includes investment from Lowercarbon Capital, Teampact Ventures, ACE & Company and prominent world-class athletes such as Antoine Dupont (World Rugby player of the year in 2021), Nikola Karabatic (three-times Olympic gold winner in handball), James Haskell (former England rugby international) and Antoine Brizard (Volleyball Olympic Champion with France in 2021).

Entocycle’s flagship product, the Entosight™ Neo, is a software and hardware package based upon an optical sensor that monitors and collects data on the health and productivity of a black soldier fly colony. The Entosight™ Neo reduces the need for manual human processes such as weighing larvae, multi-step handling and inaccurate counting to result in higher-feed conversion rates, lower mortality and larger insects on farms.

The company has also developed a turn-key modular fly cage, a highly efficient breeding system and offers a full BSF farm design, commission and build service to new entrants to the insect industry, with growing interest from large-scale food producers looking to secure protein-supply or waste management companies looking to upcycle organic waste into higher-value products such as protein or lipids.

The investment is a boost for the climate and natural world as the growth of alternative proteins, such as insects, is considered to be a key driver to reducing environmental issues, including deforestation linked to soy, overfishing and pollution related to agricultural waste disposal into our rivers and seas as well as improving food security. According to a recent study by WWF, the UK could replace 20% of its soy imports with insect protein by 2050.

The global insect protein market is showing no signs of slowing down, with demand for insect protein forecast to reach 3 million tonnes and be worth $9.46bn by 2030. According to another recent report, the global black soldier fly market specifically is expected to grow 30.5% CAGR from 2022 to reach $3.96b by 2033.

“We’re powering this fast-growing industry globally and helping build a more sustainable and secure future for food and feed. We’ve got the technology and the scientific know-how to unlock the production efficiencies to enable the insect market to really take flight. We’re proud to have our investors with us on this journey, and they share our vision for a more sustainable food system that will allow the restoration of nature and the fragile ecosystems we all depend on.” -  Keiran Whitaker, Entocycle founder

“We finally have a solution to decentralize and localize production, solve the global feed shortage and accelerate the transition towards low-carbon alternative proteins, all at once”, said Yoann Berno, General Partner at Climentum Capital. “We’re proud to lead this round, as there’s no better insect breeding technology on the market. Entocycle has developed a full stack of breeding solutions for small farmers and full-scale waste managers, which would take years and millions of dollars to replicate.”

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