These are the most bizarre snacking preferences of HARIBO Gold Bear fans

11-May-2023 - Germany

These results from the big fan survey* are surprising.


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You don't play with food - the phrase has been around at least as long as HARIBO Gold Bears have. For over 100 years, the colorful fruit gummy bears have magically awakened the play instinct in the hands of children young and old. Whether gummy bear "inventor" Hans Riegel had any idea back then, in his backyard laundry in Bonn, of the creativity his invention would unleash in snacking? That will probably remain a secret forever. But today we know: Regardless of whether it's a matter of the right consistency, pure joy in experimentation or fun at any price - hardly any snack brings forth such crazy preferences and snacking idiosyncrasies as the Gold Bears. These are the five most bizarre:

1. HARIBO Gold Bears on ice cream.

More than a quarter of all Gold Bear fans* like to challenge their chewing muscles and therefore prefer their favorite candy to be extra hard. For the perfect consistency, 8 percent simply leave them lying around open for days, while another 8 percent store the Gold Bears extra in the refrigerator. A smaller group of respondents has outed itself as particularly uncompromising and even puts them in the icebox for the right bite!

2. popped, ready, go!

For fans young and old, creative snacking begins with the first opening of the golden HARIBO bag. Some have developed a very special technique, in which the bag is pressed until it "pops" and tears open at any point. This approach is particularly popular with mini Golden Bears and is preferred by 10 percent of all those with a sweet tooth.

3. order is half the battle

Pedantic or simply perfect? 15 percent of all respondents sort their gummy bears neatly by color before eating them: the yellow ones to the yellow ones, the white ones to the white ones. For more than 30 percent of HARIBO fans, only golden bears of the same variety end up in their mouths! On the other hand, 10 percent of all fruit gum lovers indulge in a fireworks display of flavors and always pop one of each color into their mouths at the same time.

4. what actually happens when... put gummy bears in water? This question has been asked at least once by one in four fruit gum fans. Some also like to take an apple spritzer and watch how a pearly surface forms on the colorful snack objects. Whether it's a lineup like "Domino Day" (22 percent) or reenacting a romantic kissing scene (31 percent): There are no limits to the imagination when playing with the little sweets. When it comes to snacking afterwards, blind tasting is a popular pastime for a quarter of all Gold Bear fans surveyed.

5. 1 + 1 = twice as tasty

Once the Gold Bears have finally been perfectly tempered, sorted, stacked or swollen to an appropriate size, the eating process continues in at least the same creative and versatile way: almost 30 percent of all HARIBO fans first suck their Gold Bears for a while before chewing them. "Two bears are better than one," say a full 20 percent, and always throw their favorite variety into their cheeks at least in pairs. Speaking of "throwing", have you ever thrown a Gold Bear into your mouth in a high arc? For six percent, this feat is a casual routine.

*In a representative study, HARIBO asked 1000 people in Germany about their snacking behavior.

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