Those who are flexitarian are happier!

Representative survey by Burger King® on Eat Flexitarian Day provides surprising insights

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More and more people in Germany are calling themselves flexitarians. They make a conscious decision to eat meat less often and like to eat plant-based products from time to time. The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture's 2023 nutrition Report shows that almost half of Germans already follow a flexitarian diet - and the trend is rising.**

But how does a flexitarian diet affect our lives? Are flexitarians happier people? On the occasion of Eat Flexitarian Day on June 10, Burger King® Germany, the plant-based pioneer in German system catering, presents the surprising results of a representative survey of the German population*.

Don't worry eat flexi

The type of diet seems to say something about satisfaction in life: people who eat flexitarian food are by far (61%) the most satisfied with their lives. People who eat everything (50%) and vegans (25%) are significantly less satisfied.

Flexi is sexy

There also seem to be differences in love life between people with different diets. For example, 58% of flexi dieters say they are satisfied with their love life. That is the highest value! For omnivores (49%) and vegans (42%), it is not even half of the respondents. So the old adage "the way to the heart is through the stomach" really does seem to be true.

Social butterflies: flexitarians rarely stay alone

According to the survey, flexitarians lead an active social life: 85% of flexitarians surveyed live with at least one other person. More than three quarters (77%) are in a partnership. They also state most frequently that they have a good social life (63% vs. 53% of omnivores and 41% of vegans). A flexitarian is therefore rarely alone.

"It's the variety that counts. This applies to many areas of life and especially when it comes to food. So I'm not surprised that, according to the survey, flexitarians are happier," says Anna Mennel, Head of Brand at Burger King® Germany. "We have the right burger for every diet, with or without meat. True to our motto "Make your King", we offer our guests a free choice. And without compromising on taste!"

If you're now curious and want to try plant-based: Burger King® has also been offering almost every burger as a plant-based variant since 2022 - and since March 2024, it's even cheaper than the meat alternative.

*The representative survey was conducted on May 28, 2024 using an online questionnaire by the market research institute appinio on behalf of Burger King® Germany. A total of 500 women and 500 men between the ages of 16 and 69 were surveyed.

**Source: Nutrition Report 2023, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

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