Top ten menus 2023: veggies and classics dominate

Most popular meals in Germany revealed by apetito

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The current bestsellers among the menus - based on the current sales figures of the catering provider apetito - have been determined and reflect the preferences for meals in the workplace, in daycare centers and schools as well as in retirement homes in Germany.

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The menu charts reveal a trend towards a more conscious diet in the workplace. Alongside the classic "spaghetti bolognese", more and more veggie options are making it into the list of the most popular dishes in the workplace.

It is clear to see that the top places in the bestseller list remain unchanged, while the variety of menus is increasing in all target groups. In addition to vegetarian menus, international dishes can also be found on the menus. Of course, tried and tested classics are not missing.

Veggie dishes in particular are conquering the places in the top ten. The increasing popularity shows a clear trend towards a more conscious diet and underlines the change in eating habits.

Eating at work is versatile

The undisputed top dish when it comes to eating at work is the hearty and delicious spaghetti bolognese. The vegetarian spaghetti bolo variant even took fourth place. In second place is the Cappeletti Pesto Pan. Third place goes to the traditional currywurst, which still has its fans, but cannot stop the rise of other dishes.

Modern and international dishes are also popular at lunchtime. Chicken "Korma" made it to 5th place. Falafel balls are the newcomer of the year. A brand new entry, they now occupy 9th place. In total, five out of ten of the most popular dishes in the workplace are vegetarian.

The current bestseller list for company catering therefore not only reflects the current favorites of employees, but also the shift towards a more balanced and varied diet. The quick currywurst snack still seems to work from time to time, but the variety and quality of the food on offer is becoming increasingly important.

Children like it veggie and colorful

The bestseller list of the most popular children's dishes also clearly shows that acquired taste is gaining ground. This explains why vegetarian lentil soup continues to occupy first place. Vegetable ravioli in tomato sauce takes second place, closely followed by the legendary organic potato and carrot stew - which incidentally celebrated its 25th birthday this year as the first organic dish in the apetito range.

In general, the following applies to children's meals: Veggie is a big topic. Seven of the top ten menus are meat-free.

Pea favorites made it to 8th place on the popularity scale as a new dish. Otherwise, classics such as spaghetti Bolognese - a vegetarian version, mind you - chicken fricassee and fish sticks are not to be missed. Children like it colorful and varied.

Seniors: classic yet modern

Classic and good - this describes the bestseller list of the most popular dishes in retirement homes. This also applies to the three veggie dishes that made it into the top ten. Although potato pancakes, charcoal stew and rice pudding are not new dishes in the apetito range, they were again very well received by the senior citizens. The potato pancakes with apple sauce even moved up 5 places and now occupies 3rd place. The green bean stew is the undisputed number one - closely followed by the beef roulade. In times of inflation and the like, it is clear that beef roulade is once again something special that people treat themselves to. Nonetheless, it defends its silver position and is an integral part of Sunday meals in particular.

Veggie charts: focus on plant-based indulgence

In a changing nutritional environment, we are seeing a remarkable increase in the willingness to experiment, as the menu charts show. In the bestseller list, five out of ten dishes have made it into the top ten. The veggie newcomer of the year is the Vit schnitzel with mixed vegetables and parsley potatoes. It is a particularly popular menu in adult catering. The pea favorites make it to 9th place overall - and have also moved into 8th place in the children's bestseller menu list. Modern ingredients are in demand, such as lentil balls, chickpeas or sweet potato interpreted as a stew. Around 56 percent of our range is already vegetarian or vegan. But that's not all: to draw more attention to the topic, apetito launched the initiative "Thinking the table greener together - no meat today?" Together, we want to make a contribution to reducing meat consumption: for health, for the climate and for food security.

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