13-May-2016 - Bruker Optik GmbH

Bruker Introduces New High-Value Analytical Solutions and High Performance Scientitfic Instruments for Food and Environmental Markets at Analytica 2016

This week at Analytica 2016, Bruker (NASDAQ: BRKR) is showcasing new products and analytical solutions for improved performance and customer experience.

Based on a collaboration with Unilever, Buker is introducing the new ‘minspec G-Var’ method for fast determination of droplet size distribution in food emulsions.  Using Bruker’s Time Domain (TD-) NMR minispec® technology it allows accurate analysis of the droplet size distribution in margarine, low-fat spreads, butter and mayonnaise, as well as in salad dressing and soft cheeses.  Moreover, it has the ability to assess individual droplet sizes rather than cluster sizes.  In comparison to the former ‘minispec D-Var’ method, the new ‘minispec G-Var’ is up to 4-times faster, provides a lower limit of quantifiable droplet phase, can measure smaller droplet sizes and delivers the highest precision at the lowest total cost of ownership per measurement.  More..

PesticideScreener  and ToxScreener 2.1:  These powerful solutions based on Brukers innovative QTOF instruments allow users to easily screen, identify, confirm and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment.  With a larger screening database and new software, these solutions produce significantly increased throughput and confidence for routine applications in the food, environmental and forensic markets.  The new Bruker TASQ™ 1.1 software (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) is designed to exploit high resolution, accurate-mass data generated by Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to confidently screen for trace residues in complex matrices. 

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