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The Innova Database is an online, cutting-edge food and beverage product database – created by a dedicated team of industry-leading food and beverage experts that collect the latest data from more than 70 countries. This allows you to instantly track the latest and greatest food and beverage trends and innovations with just the click of a mouse. At Innova, our goal is simple – help you stay ahead of the curve. The Innova Database will help you monitor category and sector activity, explore trends and generate ideas, while informing your colleagues & customers.

The Innova Database was designed by leading food and beverage professionals for leading food and beverage manufacturers, and is widely recognized as a leading source of new product tracking, trends, and innovations available anywhere, at any price. Key companies around the globe rely on the Innova Database to inspire their marketing teams, power up their innovation process, keep tabs on their competitors, & track new technologies.

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