Price volatility and consumer demands continue to drive carmine replacement

Changing circumstances cause manufacturers to search for alternative colour solutions

01-Apr-2016 - Netherlands

food and beverage manufacturers using carmine to colour their products see themselves confronted with growing issues. Recent price increases and a high price volatility cause severe planning insecurity. Additionally, carmine does not fit with the growing consumer demand for clear label products. As the colourant is made from the inedible cochineal insect and its production requires chemical processing, it opposes consumers’ expectations towards true naturalness. According to a comprehensive study, conducted by market research institute TNS and the GNT Group, leading global provider of Colouring Foods, consumers have a clear conception of what “natural colours” are, expecting them to originate from edible raw materials such as fruit and vegetables. Of course, carmine is unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Side-by-side comparisons of carmine and Colouring Food solutions, for example in dairy or confectionery, demonstrate a colour match of the two where the colour difference is imperceptible to the eye.

High-performance natural colour solutions
“Today, there is no need for food and beverage manufacturers to struggle with these issues. They can easily replace carmine with Colouring Foods, a high-performing, natural colour solution”, says Dr. Hendrik Hoeck, Managing Director of the GNT Group. “It is a common misperception that with true natural colour solutions, there are issues concerning the colour match and stability. As pioneer and innovation leader in the field, with more than 37 years of experience, we can provide Colouring Foods in a sheer endless spectrum of shades that match those obtained with carmine and offer excellent stability.” Through the complete vertical integration of its supply chain, GNT can ensure the best possible price stability and all-year-round availability of its products. This gives long-term planning security to manufacturers.

Comprehensive application support for future-proof products
“With Colouring Foods, producers have the right solution at hand to develop future-proof food and drinks. Our products fully match consumer expectations towards true naturalness and thus help secure the favour of increasingly nutrition-conscious consumers worldwide”, says Dr. Hendrik Hoeck. Colouring Foods are concentrates made exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. In contrast to additive colourants, like carmine, their production involves only processing with water and gentle physical methods such as pressing, chopping and filtering. The concentrates can be applied to nearly every product and are ideal for beverages, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, food supplements and fruit preparations. Moreover, they are suitable for all dietary requirements.

When switching from colourants to Colouring Foods, manufacturers can rely on comprehensive support from GNT’s application experts. They support their clients throughout the entire product development process, including tailored advice on the most suitable Colouring Food, processing and application considerations as well as verification of shelf life and stability.

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