ICL introduces novel solution for high-protein yoghurt

BEKAPLUS® DY 2035 P provides superior mouthfeel and convenient processing

19-Dec-2016 - Germany

ICL food Specialties is introducing a new solution for protein-enriched yoghurt. BEKAPLUS DY 2035 P is a clean-label ingredient system that enables the production of yoghurt with up to ten percent protein. It provides superior texture and stability and ensures convenient processing.

High-protein yoghurt containing DY 2035 P remains creamy and indulgent assuring superior mouthfeel. BEKAPLUS DY 2035 P is simply added to the pasteurized milk before fermentation, and doesn’t interfere with other production steps. A product with DY 2035 P remains easy to pump and process – products are stable without syneresis or sedimentation.

Versatile solution for on-trend applications

“Yoghurt manufacturers who want to grow in saturated markets such as Europe need to provide additional value,” says Dr. Andrea Maurer, Global Lead Market Segment Dairy, ICL Food Specialties. ”BEKAPLUS DY 2035 P is an all-in-one solution that satisfies key consumer trends, such as high-protein, clean label and healthy snacking, making it ideal for premium yoghurt offerings.”

The complete DY P line offers innovative solutions for a variety of yoghurt applications including stirred and drinkable yogurt of differing fat contents. “When it comes to high-quality protein enrichment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach,” says Dr. Andrea Maurer. “Every product in the BEKAPLUS DY P line is uniquely formulated to deliver tailored solutions for a range of application needs, each providing a different viscosity and protein content.”

Products using BEKAPLUS DY 2035 P are currently in their pilot testing phase and are expected to hit shelves in early 2017.

About ICL Food Specialties

ICL Food Specialties offers a diverse portfolio of functional ingredients and extensive application experience. The ICL Food Specialties team has the expertise that inspires customers to innovate faster by selecting the right ingredients for function earlier in the development cycle. To learn more about how ICL Food Specialties’ market- and trend-focused experts can help you tailor a formulation without sacrificing taste, contact us at food@icl-group.com or www.iclfood.com.

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