Snortable chocolate is here

06-Jul-2017 - USA

Coco Loko, a new kind of snortable chocolate powder, is said to give a quick energy buzz that lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, according to reports. 

thecakeschool/ Pixabay

The drug-free powder that mixes cacao powder with ingredients commonly found in energy drinks, such as gingko biloba, taurine and guarana, debuted last month. But is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

The powder, made by Orlando-based Legal Lean, is available on Amazon, costing $24.99 for a 1.25-ounce container. 

Nick Anderson, the founder of Legal Lean, a drug-free version of the codeine cough syrup mixture, reportedly said he invested $10,000 to create a "raw cacao snuff". 

According to the raw cacao snuff's website, " is even used by athletes to give them the natural competitive edge." The product reportedly provides a calm focus and helps reduce anxiety and stress. 

Legal and illegal drugs are snorted as it is fast absorbed through the many blood vessels in the nose. Meanwhile, the actual effect and health consequences of snorting chocolate is yet to be known due to a lack of studies. 

The FDA is yet to regulate the product. Peter Cassell, a spokesman for the FDA, reportedly said, "The FDA is not prepared to issue a determination regarding whether and how this product is subject to FDA jurisdiction at this time. In reaching that decision, FDA will need to evaluate the product labeling, marketing information, and/or any other information pertaining to the product's intended use." 

The ingredients used in energy drinks have been shown to cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure in some circumstances. (dpa) 

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