Winegrowers expect exceptionally good champagne vintage

11-Sep-2018 - France

According to French winegrowers, 2018 will be an exceptionally good year for champagne. Since April, the grapes have benefited from the high temperatures and other ideal conditions, the Comité Champagne association announced on Friday. The sugar content of the grapes is significantly higher than in normal years. The fruits are richer in aroma and in perfect health. The harvest is coming to an end these days.

Myriams-Fotos/ Pixabay

The champagnes of this year can be drunk at the earliest 2020. According to the association, the base wine obtained through initial fermentation will be bottled from January and must then mature for at least 15 months.

Last year, around 307 million bottles of this fine sparkling wine were sold worldwide. Champagne may be cultivated only in certain areas in France. The processing of the grapes is strictly regulated. For example, they may only be harvested by hand /vio/DP/men (dpa)

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