USA welcomes lifting of poultry import ban by China

15-Nov-2019 - USA

The US government has praised China for lifting a ban on poultry imports. It is expected that poultry meat with a commodity value of more than one billion US dollars (910 million euros) can now be exported annually from the USA to China, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a press release on Thursday.

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China's official news agency Xinhua had already reported about two weeks ago that both countries had agreed on the lifting of the Chinese import ban on poultry from the USA and the import of cooked poultry meat from China.

In the wake of an outbreak of avian influenza, China imposed an import ban on poultry meat products in 2015, according to the US Trade Representative's office. In 2013, these were sold to China with a value of 500 million US dollars. The United States is one of the largest exporters of poultry meat and products.

Beijing and Washington have been fighting a trade war for more than a year. US President Donald Trump had originally instigated this out of anger that China exports far more to the USA than vice versa. Trump had announced an agreement on a partial agreement in October - but it is still unclear when and where it will be sealed./lkl/DP/jsl (dpa)

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