05-Mar-2020 - RTP Global Advisors

RTP Global doubles down on founder-driven mission with new $650M fund

Today, we announce the launch of RTP III. At $650M, our latest fund is more than three times the size of RTP II and will enable us to invest in even more companies around the world.

The previous fund successfully invested in 34 companies across the globe with 13 in Europe, 11 in the USA and 10 in India and South East Asia. Investments include Smarter Sorting (USA), Cuvva (UK), CoachHub (Germany), Cred (India), and Zenyum (Singapore). After a string of notable successes, we are prepared to double down on our strategy to deploy capital to founder-driven businesses who have the team and the technology required to scale.

An entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. Our Founder Leonid Boguslavsky, the serial tech entrepreneur, leads a team of experienced venture capital professionals who all bring unique benefits to our portfolio by leveraging their extensive network and experience.

Investments will be made from offices in New York, Moscow, and Bangalore as well as supported by newly expanded teams in Europe and Singapore. Our international reach and local knowledge are growing, enabling us to build more rewarding partnerships with founders across the world with RTP III.

The success of our previous investments showcase RTP’s diverse interests and expertise. RTP Global investments include Datadog, the cloud monitoring service, which IPO’d in 2019. Delivery Hero , one of the world’s largest online food delivery services, which IPO’d in 2017, RingCentral, a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, which IPO’d in 2013, and Yandex , the multinational technology corporation which IPO’d in 2011. We will continue to target companies in a diverse verticals including mobility, AI, SaaS, fintech, foodtech, healthtech, proptech, insurtech and sporttech.

We understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurially-minded. That’s why we bring the people power to the businesses we invest in and genuinely partner with founders enabling them to achieve market leadership and sustainable growth.

Our founder and CEO Leonid Boguslavsky had this to say: “Following the success of our previous funds we are thrilled to deploy more capital than ever, using our unique global position to invest in nascent business models across the world.

“We are a founders driven firm and the strategy for RTP remains the same. After starting my career as a computer scientist I became a serial entrepreneur, so I understand the unexpected challenges, the ups and downs, and the need for hard work, especially in the early stage of a company’s life. Along with great tech and a driven founding team, we will look to invest in companies that share our values and beliefs.”

We admire founders who are ready for the sprints, prepare for the marathons and have the tenacity to grow their business and disrupt their respective market. So if you’re a founder with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a creative approach, and have the conviction to succeed over the long term, get in touch. We’d be excited to hear from you.

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