Pioneering cellular nutrition for healthy aging

Celltrient™ Provides Targeted Nutrition that Helps Revitalize Natural Cellular Processes related to Age-Associated Cellular Decline

15-Oct-2020 - Switzerland

Nestlé Health Science, a globally recognized leader in the field of nutritional science, announced today the launch of Celltrient™ Cellular Nutrition, a breakthrough and comprehensive range of nutritional solutions that work cell by cell. The specialized Celltrient range is formulated with cellular nutrients that help address three of the main drivers of Age-Associated Cellular Decline (AACD). AACD can lead to reductions in daily energy, muscle function, immune support, and overall health.


Introducing Celltrient™ Cellular Nutrition

"Celltrient is an important advancement in our goal to bring new benefits to consumers and patients.  Research has shown that cellular nutrients can be a game changer in the way people manage how they age," said Greg Behar, CEO of Nestlé Health Science.  "At Nestlé Health Science, we're thrilled to be at the forefront of the revolution in cellular nutrition. As people age, we know that there is a gap between how they want to feel and how they are actually feeling. With Celltrient, we can help people transform the way their cells perform with age, ultimately helping them improve the health of their cells with nutrition."

Recent advances in scientific discovery have uncovered the important role cellular health plays in why and how we age. Deterioration in cell function begins in the 40s and accelerates in the 60s; however, research has identified specific cellular nutrients that can help address AACD. While traditional micro and macronutrients help meet the basic nutritional needs, they may not be enough to address age-related declines in the natural cellular processes that impact mitochondria – the power plants in your cells. The cellular nutrients featured in Celltrient™ go to work deep inside cells to help renew and restore cells' natural processes, targeting the age-related changes occurring inside cells. The Celltrient product range features cellular nutrients studied in more than 20 clinical trials in humans.  The cellular nutrients in the Celltrient range help to replenish NAD+, which is important for natural energy production, renew the power plants in muscle cells, and replenish essential building blocks for the protective antioxidant Glutathione.

Celltrient™ is available in beverage and supplement form, and the product range provides three core benefits depending on individual needs, including:

  • Celltrient Cellular Protect provides a patented blend of amino acids – glycine and NAC (GlyNAC) - that helps replenish amino acids important for making Glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that acts as a natural cell defender against toxins and free radical damage, in response to your unique cellular needs.

  • Celltrient Cellular Energy features TruNiagen® Nicotinamide riboside (NR), which boosts NAD+ to help renew your cells' natural ability to produce daily energy.

  • Celltrient Cellular Strength features the cellular nutrient Mitopure™ Urolithin A (UA) which helps activate the renewal of mitochondria in muscles through a natural process called mitophagy.

  • "I regularly hear from patients in their 50s and 60s that they are feeling a lack of energy and reduced muscle strength and stamina, despite leading a healthy lifestyle," says Dr. Noelle Reid, Family Medicine physician, founder of Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group in Los Angeles and Celltrient Consulting Physician. "No one wants to accept that they are aging, and my patients are always looking for solutions to help them get the most out of life as they get older. Finally, with Celltrient we have nutritional options that go beyond traditional macro and micronutrients. That's why as a physician, I'm excited to work with Celltrient to empower my patients with nutrition that helps address sources of cell aging."

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