Burger King advertises for McDonalds in Great Britain

05-Nov-2020 - United Kingdom

In unusual times, the fast food chain Burger King in Great Britain has decided to use an unusual advertising gag. "Ordered at McDonalds", appears on an Instagram post from Burger King UK. "We never thought we'd be writing this either," it went on to say. But in these times, the catering industry, which creates thousands of jobs, needs all the support it can get - including rivals like KFC, Subway and others. With takeaway offers or orders from home, it is also possible to support the companies during the lockdown. In England, similar to Germany, a partial lockdown will apply from Thursday, during which restaurants, pubs and cafés will also have to close.

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The gastronomy association UK Hospitality fears that the renewed shutdown could endanger tens of thousands of jobs in the industry.

"The crisis in the catering industry is enormous. It is no exaggeration to speak of an existential crisis," said association head Kate Nicholls to the German Press Agency in London. Referring to Burger King's appeal, she said, "It's encouraging to see how companies stick together in times of crisis." This shows the positive support within the industry. But Burger King did not want to be completely selfless in its posting: "Taking a Whopper is always the best. But a Big Mac is not so bad either" /swe/DP/zb (dpa)

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