Vegan salmon fillet from Vienna tasted for the first time in the world using 3D technology

03-Jun-2022 - Austria

Austrian 3D and food tech startup Revo Foods debuted a Generation 2.0 vegan salmon fillet at a public tasting in Vienna on May 30. The fillet, which is made of 100% plant-based ingredients, was prepared by a vegan chef and tasted by 10 guests. The vegan salmon fillet is considered a gamechanger for fish alternatives, and the startup already has 2 patents on new technologies to produce these products. The first salmon fillets will be available in stores from early 2023.

Revo Foods / Nike Farag

Revo Salmon fillet made 100% out of plants.

Seafood Made in Austria

This new innovation from the food tech startup is the first realistic alternative for high quality fish fillets. It is a so-called "whole cut". The fillet resembles a conventional salmon fillet in structure and texture and can be prepared the same way (fried, boiled, steamed...).

The first generations of plant-based alternatives focused exclusively on imitating processed meat/fish products (hamburgers, chicken nuggets). Generation 2.0 products redefine the dining experience through realistic texture and structure with fine fiber formation.

Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods:

"Producing a plant-based salmon fillet with realistic taste and texture is the ultimate technical challenge, and we're proud to have achieved this goal."

Flexitarians - the growing consumer segment

More and more people are calling themselves flexitarians to help address environmental challenges. Flexitarians make up about 20% of the European population, and demand for plant-based alternatives is steadily increasing.

This is also because industrial fishing has an image problem: Overfishing, the destruction of marine ecosystems and the loss of marine biodiversity are just some of them. More and more consumers are concerned about the dramatic increase in heavy metals, microplastics and antibiotics in conventional fishery products. Flexitarians are looking for sustainable alternatives that are good for the oceans and their own health, but also provide the dining experience they crave in terms of taste and the right "bite."

Testimonial Guest: "The texture from the fillet is almost "too perfect", are you sure this is vegan?"

The Salmon Fillet

The base of the fillet is various plant proteins, such as pea protein. Other ingredients include algae extracts and vegetable oils. The fillet is high in protein and high in omega-3 fatty acids, similar to wild-caught salmon. Plant-based fish sticks or fish burgers have been available on the market for some time, but finding an alternative for a fish fillet - that is, a piece of meat - has not yet been technologically possible.

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