Inflation changes the diet

Frozen products are in vogue - favorable price-performance ratio becomes more important

16-Jun-2022 - Germany

Price sensitivity in grocery shopping in Germany has risen sharply. Low prices have become significantly more important for 40% of consumers when shopping, according to a representative consumer study* conducted by market research institute INNOFACT AG on behalf of the German frozen food Institute (dti) has accomplished. Against the background of the enormously rising inflation rate 42% of the customers reach more strongly for special offers. 13% reach more often for private labels and 13% say they buy frozen products more often.

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Price is the most important trend

For 63% of respondents, price is very important or important when shopping, putting price in fifth place in the ranking of relevant nutritional aspects, just after freshness of products (89%), healthy eating (74%), natural ingredients (74%) and animal welfare (64%). While all of these nutrition trends have lost significant ground compared to the last survey wave in September 2021, price was the only characteristic to make significant gains in all age groups. Germany is thus once again demonstrating its very rational and frugal approach to food shopping. The new trends such as "veggie" and "vegan" remained stable and can obviously rely on loyal fans in a still small segment.

Those who know TK appreciate it

As market trends have shown for years, frozen products have a very high, positive status in the German diet. The most popular frozen food groups are vegetables/herbs (78%), fish (69%), potato products (66%), pizza (65%), snacks (51%) and rolls (48%). Frozen foods have many advantages; respondents believe they are especially good for preparing quick meals (64%), stocking food (60%), and preventing food waste (59%). 52% are convinced that frozen products help to prepare affordable meals and implement economical household management (49%). An aspect that is currently becoming increasingly important for many people.

Frozen products offer good value for money

Price has become particularly important for those under 40 when buying food. Here, as many as 66% pay more attention to price than before, compared with 61% in the age groups above. The younger customer group also reaches for frozen products significantly more often during the inflation phase than older age groups.

*Information on study design: 1,029 online-based interviews (online panels) were conducted at the end of April 2022.

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