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Dry-January without sacrificing pleasure


Right at the start of the year, the so-called "Dry January" - after the rich feast days - is a welcome occasion for many people to start the new year with reduced consumption, including alcohol. The steadily growing alcohol-free trend, which many spirits producers are successfully implementing with non-alcoholic beverage variants, shows that this does not stop at good intentions, but is actually being practiced. "Alcohol-free enjoyment is now a permanent trend in the spirits market," says Abbass Khatami, the inventor of the cult brand gin de Cologne, confirming the development.

Gin de Cologne

Alcohol-free gin alternative with authentic taste quality: Zéro de Cologne and Zéro de Cologne Rosé

Zéro de Cologne creations with authentic taste quality

"Our non-alcoholic spirits Zéro de Cologne and Zéro de Cologne Rosé are also currently being ordered by up to 50 percent at many events. The taste experience with feedback of 'very good' or 'good' shows that gin lovers don't see any compromises in the non-alcoholic version either," says Khatami.

With the non-alcoholic gin alternatives Zéro de Cologne and Zéro de Cologne Rosé, an authentic taste experience has been developed for gin lovers who do not drink alcohol or want to reduce their alcohol consumption in general. Multiple gold award-winning, the Gin de Cologne product developers have created two outstanding non-alcoholic compositions based on the same botanical flavors as their alcoholic counterparts: Sparkling and refreshing, without sugar or artificial flavors - a delicious Zéro de Cologne & Tonic with an absolutely authentic taste quality.

Zéro de Cologne - Sober Cocktail recipes

While the classic version Zéro de Cologne impresses with its limey, tangy aroma, the Zéro de Cologne Rosé owes its fruity, berry taste to finely selected botanicals such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Whether as an aperitif with tonic or as a base for long drinks: Zéro de Cologne can be used to quickly transform delicious cocktail recipes into the perfect accompaniment for an enjoyable, yet sober day.

"We already observed increased demand for our two non-alcoholic products in 2023. I firmly believe that non-alcoholic variants will become increasingly popular not only at the start of the year, but also in the future. In my opinion, this is a statement of a new, more conscious lifestyle to which an alcohol-free 'Zéro de Cologne & Tonic' as a lifestyle drink also contributes to a certain extent," says Khatami.

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