One in two consumers is willing to pay more for climate-smart milk

New technology allows better milk price for farmers

02-Jun-2017 - Germany

Life-science group Zaluvida announced today that the results of several surveys* conducted across Europe and North America confirm that 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for climate-smart products. Over 80% of the people polled expressed their concern about climate change and believe that the agricultural sector contributes to the emission of Greenhouse gases (GHGs).


Zaluvida is at the forefront of the investigation of innovative solutions to climate change. The Swiss-managed life-science group recently announced that with its feed supplement MootralTM cows emit at least 30 percent less of the harmful GHG methane while producing milk of the highest quality. Recently, a taste of it was presented at the T20 Summit in Berlin, where participants sampled dairy products made with milk from climate-smart cows.

“Our market research shows that consumers want a sustainable choice on the milk shelf and therefore the possibility to act climate-smart. Creating awareness for products such as climate-smart milk or beef is essential to tackle climate change”, says Amanda Merrell, Chief Commercial Officer of Zaluvida, “We also believe that it is high time that dairy farmers achieve better returns for their products. Better returns and a fast, significant contribution towards fighting climate change can go hand in hand, and are fully in line with the choice many consumers would like to have.”

* Profacts Consumer Survey:

N=1000 per country, conducted in GER, FRA, UK, SW, DK, CH. Nov 2016

N=1000 per country, conducted in CALIFORNIA, CANADA. Feb 2017

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