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ECJ: Egg liqueur must not contain milk


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that egg liqueur may not contain milk. A spirit drink may only be called an egg liqueur in the EU if it exclusively contains the ingredients listed in the corresponding EU law, the Luxembourg judges declared on Thursday (Case C-462/17). According to the ruling, egg liqueur may only contain egg yolk, egg white, sugar or honey, as well as alcohol, and if necessary flavourings.

Background of the decision of the highest European Union court was a dispute from Germany before the regional court Hamburg. An enterprise from Saxonia-Anhalt had driven egg liqueurs out, which contained also milk. The Regional Court had referred the case to Luxembourg.

If the list of ingredients mentioned in the EU law were not considered exhaustive, consumer protection and the good reputation of European spirits could suffer, the Luxembourg judges concluded./asa/DP/jha (dpa)

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