20-Sep-2019 - SodaStream’s Head Office

SodaStream Announces Shut Down This Friday In Solidarity With The Global Climate Strike

SodaStream International Ltd., the world's leading sparkling water brand, today announced the shutting down of its global e-commerce and head office operations on Friday September 20th  in support of the Global Climate Strike. Additionally, SodaStream CEO, Eyal Shohat, calls on all SodaStream employees around the world to join in local activities.

"The climate crisis is an emergency and can no longer be ignored. It is our responsibility as leaders to hear and raise the voice of the young generation today and act now," commented SodaStream CEO, Eyal Shohat. "Caring for the planet is at the core of our company, and we have to walk the talk."

SodaStream, well-known for its fight against single-use plastic waste, takes a step further for the environment by standing up for climate change. SodaStream will shut down its global e-commerce activities for 24 hours starting 8:00am this Friday. All of the SodaStream websites will deliver the message: "Global Climate Strike in Solidarity with the Young Generation for a Better Future."

SodaStream is inspired by and proud to stand with Greta Thunberg and the young generation for a better future.

The facts about climate change have been available for decades, but ignored. Greta Thunberg, a brave teenager from Sweden has made it her mission since 2018 not only to raise awareness of the impending issue, but to motivate people to act.

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