Pernod Ricard joins Casa Lumbre and renowned partner to bring Sotol spirits category to the world

14-Oct-2022 - France

Pernod Ricard announces today that it is joining forces with Casa Lumbre, the founders behind Ojo de Tigre Mezcal and Abasolo Ancestral corn Whisky, and renowned musician, actor, and designer Lenny Kravitz, to develop Nocheluna Sotol, an exciting offer in the newly emerging and highly promising Sotol spirits category.

Pernod Ricard

Distinct from tequila and mezcal, this spirit from Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico has a pronounced yet uniquely versatile flavor profile. This one-of-the-kind liquid, born from the wild Sotol or Dasylirion plant, is harvested, cooked and fermented many years after being planted. The result is a smooth and sophisticated balance of wild herbs, dried stone fruit, caramel, honey, deep minerality and oak firewood – a blend made possible by the distinctive desert soil, and the craftmanship of an expert team.

Nocheluna aims to become the ultra-premium reference of the category. It will be launched globally over the coming months, starting with the US market.

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard: “Nocheluna brings with it new opportunities for innovation, creativity and exploration. Our Group has a strong history of partnerships with dynamic entrepreneurs who break convention and share our passion for craft and high-quality brands. We are extremely excited to introduce Sotol to new consumers who are looking for an authentic and deeply rooted spirit with a distinctive flavor profile.”

Lenny Kravitz: “As an artist, I respect the journey and am inspired by every intricate step of how this team crafts Nocheluna Sotol. I value how this spirit stays true to the traditional ways of making sotol, exemplifying a true understanding of this craft,” says Kravitz. “I am honored to bring further awareness to this incredible spirit and region.”

Moises Guindi, Co-founder of Casa Lumbre: “I am excited to partner again with Pernod Ricard, who shares with us the same vision and passion for craft premium spirits. Pernod Ricard’s vast experience and nurturing approach, will undoubtedly raise Nocheluna’s profile within the Sotol category and super to ultra-premium traditional Mexican spirits.”

Nocheluna is the third collaboration between Pernod Ricard and Casa Lumbre after successful partnerships around Mexican spirits Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky and Ojo De Tigre mezcal.

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