Heineken® celebrates its 150th birthday

The Good Times Index measures Heineken® 's contribution to the feeling of a good time among its consumers.

26-Jul-2023 - Germany

How to drink Heineken® - the Mexican way: At first glance, the Mexican long drink Michelada takes some getting used to and is probably almost unknown in Germany. But one thing is clear: Mexicans love the beer-tomato juice mix with lime and chili! How do you drink your beer? Heineken® says it doesn't matter, as long as we have fun, no matter where, no matter how

Heineken® is celebrating its 150th birthday and with it not only an international success story, but also a new milestone: to mark the anniversary, Heineken® is introducing the "Good Times Index", making Freddy Heineken's famous motto "I don't sell beer, I sell Gezelligheid" measurable for the first time.

"With our 150th anniversary, we are celebrating 150 years of "Good Times", because brewing good times has always been an integral part of our DNA. That's why we are creating a new metric for good times with the "Good Times Index." With it, we show that creating good times is just as important as the beer we brew. We want to continue to create experiences for our consumers worldwide that promote the feeling of "gezelligheid" - through advertising, sponsorship and events - and of course through our diverse product range. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to provide good times for the next 150 years," says Pablo Chabot, Marketing Director at Heineken Germany.

From Amsterdam to all over the world

The measurability of quality has always played an important role for Heineken® since its founding in Amsterdam in 1873. Heineken® was the first brewery in the world to set up a quality laboratory to meet its own high standards. Thanks to this laboratory, the beer could be bottled anywhere in the world without any loss of quality. This advance in beer production paved the way for expansion abroad and worldwide growth. To this day, the taste, purity and quality of the beer are at the heart of the brand, which the founder first made measurable over 100 years ago with his innovative quality process.

The measurability of a good time

Setting standards: Following this tradition, Heineken® is now also making the individual perception of a good time measurable. To this end, Heineken® has collaborated with behavioral scientist Dr. Chris Brauer (Goldsmiths University of London) to develop the "Good Times Index," a new model for measuring brand impact. Five core dimensions and 15 drivers within these dimensions were identified for the index, which are considered factors for "good times" by both academics and the general public. These include openness, inclusion and human connectedness.

Based on the index, Heineken® will use Kantar to measure brand impact twice a year from 2024 onwards, based on how strongly consumers associate the Heineken® brand with the key drivers of good times. Heineken® will use the findings to understand the needs and desires of its consumers and respond to them more effectively - through new offers, the development of campaigns, promotions and events. The field research will kick off early next year, with initial results expected in August 2024.

With the introduction of the "Good Times Index," the company is making Freddy Heineken's motto part of its strategy and is the first beer brand to focus its success measurement not only on classic corporate key figures, but also on the good moments it gives consumers worldwide.

Heineken® campaign celebrates 150 years of corporate history with a wink of the eye

For its 150th birthday, Heineken® is celebrating all the ways the brand has been misspelled or mispronounced and served unconventionally over the years, showing that good times and making real human connections over a beer are still at the core of the brand. With the campaign, Heineken® is going on a journey around the globe to show all the different ways people adapt and enjoy social moments and memories with Heineken® - from mispronouncing the brand name to serving a Heineken® Original with a lime, a straw and ice. The message: a good time and genuine friendships over a beer are more important than how it's spelled, pronounced or enjoyed.

The Heineken® 150th Anniversary Campaign film is available here.

The Good Times Index

Heineken® worked with researchers at Goldsmiths University of London to develop an index that measures Heineken®'s contribution to "good times." The index examined five core dimensions (including feelings of openness, inclusion and human connectedness) and 15 influencing factors within these dimensions that are considered important by both academics and the general public in creating the feelings of joy and happiness associated with "good times." The research was conducted in six markets (UK, USA, Vietnam, Netherlands, Brazil and South Africa) with 6,446 respondents. Heineken® scored 73 out of 100 globally based on the extent to which consumers in the U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa and Vietnam associate Heineken® with the most important factors for good times.

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