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Ice Cube That Doesn’t Melt or Grow Mold

Environmentally friendly ‘Jelly Ice Cube’ Could Transform Cold Storage


Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed a new type of cooling cube that could revolutionize how food is kept cold and shipped fresh without relying on ice or traditional cooling packs. These plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” do not melt, are compostable and ...


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Finding new life for wine-grape residue

Chardonnay pomace may be rich in health-enhancing compounds


California produces nearly 4 million tons of world-class wine each year, but with that comes thousands of tons of residue like grape skins, seeds, stems and pulp. What if scientists could harness that viticultural waste to help promote human health? Maybe they can, according to new research from ...


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Meatpacking plants increased COVID-19 cases in US counties


An estimated 334,000 COVID-19 cases are attributable to meatpacking plants, resulting in $11.2 billion in economic damage, according to a new study led by a researcher at the University of California, Davis. The study was published in the journal Food Policy. It found that beef- and ...


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A new natural blue for food coloring

Blue colors are really quite rare in nature


A natural brilliant blue coloring has been discovered by an international team of researchers including chemists at the University of California, Davis. The new cyan blue, obtained from red cabbage, could be an alternative to synthetic blue food colorings such as the widely used FD&C Blue No. 1. ...


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Can the right probiotic work for breast milk-fed babies?


Probiotics -- those bacteria that are good for your digestive tract -- are short-lived, rarely taking residence or colonizing the gut. But a new study from researchers at the University of California, Davis, finds that in breast milk-fed babies given the probiotic B. infantis, the probiotic will ...


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Nutrient supplements significantly reduce child deaths

Study finds 27% drop in child mortality in low- and middle-income countries


More than half of child deaths worldwide stem from preventable causes, such as adverse effects from malnutrition. A new study led by researchers at the University of California, Davis, finds that child mortality significantly drops when children receive nutritional supplements rich in vitamins, ...


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Moringa - the next Superfood

The “Miracle Tree” That Could Help Feed the World


There's nothing super-looking about Moringa. It’s skinny and sparse in foliage. Its fragile branches sprout puny white flowers and droop with long twisted pods knobby with seeds. But if plants were superheroes, then moringa would be Iron Man.“If there were a top 10 list of plants that are going ...


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