Barilla Group, rundown of over a decade of commitment to sustainability

29-Jul-2022 - Parma, IT

Barilla has confirmed its commitment to ensure people have access to good, sustainable food with consistent improvements in its nutritional profile. Since 2010, 488 products have been nutritionally reformulated, and 55 new products were introduced in 2021, to expand the range and meet consumers' requirements.

Barilla confirms the path started over 10 years ago. 70% of the main raw materials (durum wheat, soft wheat, rye, basil, tomatoes, cocoa and vegetable oils) are now grown sustainably

Seventy percent of the main raw materials (durum wheat, soft wheat, rye, basil, tomatoes, cocoa and vegetable oils) are now grown in a sustainable way. The Carta del Basilico ('Basil Charter') has recently been added, which guarantees social and environmental sustainability for a key ingredient in Barilla ready-made sauces and pesto.

Since 2010, CO2eq emissions have been reduced by 31% and water consumption by 18%, both per ton of finished product. Four brands are Carbon Neutral. 64% of electricity comes from certified renewable sources; in Italy, the Barilla Group has reached 100% of packaging designed to be recyclable, 99.7% globally.

These are the highlights of the Barilla Group's new sustainability report published today, providing the results achieved by the Parma-based company for the well-being of people, for the environment and for communities.

Underpinning this commitment is a new Purpose that encompasses in a few words the rationale for this way of doing business: 'The joy of food for a better life': a concept that transcends good food to refer to people's happiness and holistic well-being, which begins most of all with 'taste'. All the Barilla Group brands are contributing to this journey, offering not only foodstuffs, but also the joy that can be taken from good food, well-made with selected ingredients. 

The Barilla Group has also confirmed its tangible commitment to ensure access to food, enhance inclusion and support local development: a total of €12 million has been invested and more than 2,700 tons of products have been donated in 2021.

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